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On Time + On Spec + On Budget = On Target With Strategic Goals

Stay On Budget

We understand budget realities. We'll work with you to keep your CEO and board of directors informed while producing the best app your company will ever market. We've done it many times.

Collaborate With Us

Is your development staff over-scheduled with projects, or do you need expertise for a scalable, enterprise-level app? Our team is just a phone call away.

Time To Market

Apps that need to support millions of concurrent users require engineering development know-how to deliver on deadline. We're that know-how team.



“Demand for Enterprise Mobile Apps will outstrip available development capacity five to one.”  Gartner | 451 Group

Let's Collaborate On Something New

Balance Software develops high-end, scalable apps for global companies who need the job done right the first time. The last thing you want is the cost of doing it wrong.

  • We’ll Make You Look Good

    Not only do we make apps people love to use, we make apps that generate revenue and meet your goals.

  • Ongoing Collaboration & Communication

    We understand the importance of collaboration, communication and response in a global business culture. That's how we deliver the product you want.

  • Exceptionally Broad & Deep Skill Sets

    Our team of "power nerds" has combined decades of experience in sophisticated computing languages. They also understand global strategy. Yes, you read that right — engineers with business savvy.




“Balance Software delivered the required applications on time, within our predefined budget and in conformance with our specifications.”

Brian Macintosh | Digimarc – Director of Paper-as-Portal Engineering

What Separates Balance Software From The Rest?

Unlike many agencies that work in html and other entry-level coding, our engineering team's strength is in enterprise-level computing, including iOS, Apple, C++, Android and Objective-C — the languages of global business.

“New Enterprise Mobility Study reveals IT Struggles to Deliver on Strong Demand For Mobile Apps.”

Intellectual Property

You'll maintain control and protection over product and intellectual property. There are no hidden licensing fees. We operate strictly under non-disclosure status. Competitors will never know your secret weapon is Balance Software.

Development Lifecycle

As important as engineering is to app development, it is equally important to understand business context and communication. That's what we do. Our development process, honed over years of experience working with large, international organizations, keeps projects on schedule, on spec and on expectation.


Millions of people use our apps every day. That's why our customers like us.

User Engagement

In any given day, more than 95 million apps are downloaded, yet 90 percent are abandoned within a month after a single use.* Why? They don't live up to expectations or are riddled with bugs. Our customers' stats are just the opposite. We focus on interface enhancement and user experience to increase engagement. *TechCrunch, 2014



iovation needed an expert apps team – pronto.  Results? 15% uplift in mobile app use.


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App Development Life Cycle

How an app gets created and developed makes all the difference in whether the app fulfills the expectations of the user and succeeds at meeting company initiatives. Our six-part process has been shown many times over that we're onto the right method.


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"We can say that our experience with Balance Software has been very positive."

Director | Digital Technology Provider Director of Digital Engineering

"Because of your professionalism & excellent communication skills, we were able to function as a single team regardless of physical location."

Chris Smith | Digital Convergence Director of Software Development

"What Balance Software has done for us, worked."

Patty Briscoe | Diagnostics Research Corp. Chief Finance Officer

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